Cleaning and Plasterboarding

This morning, in preparation for the big return home, I cleaned the bathroom floor/glass door and oven – happy days.

This is a photo of the ‘snug’ wall this morning:


And this is after a bit more plasterboarding:


It looks better in real life. Another step…


The roof…

Yes, the roof problems continue – the temporary fix, was a bit too temporary!

It was windy this morning which caused the lightweight roofing felt to partially come adrift – it was only tucked under the tiles…

View from inside:


I wonder if you could push an umbrella up there…

Better news I’ve finished the plastering around the shower tray – hurrah!


This afternoon I did a bit of tidying up in preparation for going home, and some hoovering, and a bit more work on the other ensuite ceiling (bedroom 2):





View from the loft

Not much work done today (just plasterboarding in the morning), as I was helping our Dutch friend Lornu to fit a kitchen sink. Like us, she’s been here about 5 months, and is renovating her house as best she can on her own. I was invited to lunch (cheese pasta with quorn and lettuce… followed by Apple crumble, oh and egg/onion/beetroot on Dutch bread for starters). She was very pleased with the end result, so that’s rewarding.

Here’s a photo I took of our house today:


And the loft:

And from the loft:


Shower tray in!

Today, I taped and skimmed the utility walls, and applied (white) silicone to the shower connector which I had solvent welded at the apartment last night:


It won’t leak!

I also skimmed over the 2nd edge trim fitted yesterday:


It’s interesting how it dries out (this is the L/H side done yesterday):


Finally I glued down/bedded in the shower tray. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make it square with the walls (as they’re not square with each other), but I don’t think it will be overly noticeable.


The main thing is that it’s down, so I can now plasterboard above the tray, and fit the connector below it.



And today’s mission is…

Today, I thought that I would fit this:


It’s one of the shower wastes. It came free with the tray, and they are quite expensive here, so I’m keen to us it, but nothing seems to connect to it, so it’ll be tricky to fit… Anyway, first job was to remove this piece of plasterboard:


Then some timber:


Then more timber and plasterboard:


I had to chop out more of the floorboards , but eventually got it to like this – It’s not quite fitted, but nearly there:


Oh, I also fitted the other edge bead:


And skimmed over the one fitted yesterday:



An eventful day!

Well it all started out ok, a bit cold, but dry and bright. This is the Grand Rue:


I had a busy morning taping and jointing in the kitchen.   This is before:


And after:


And then….

The roofer arrived!

He was here just to fix the leaks temporarily, but he bought an impressive machine with him:


7m reach…I’m not sure that it was exactly safe…


but it was done quickly. If you look carefully you can see a screw where a retaining pin should be… (bottom left of the red metalwork, holding the bucket on).


I couldn’t get a very good photo of the work done. Basically he just draped some roofing felt over the top, and tucked it under the tiles…


Yes, you can see how grotty the roof is.

Afterwards I Fitted this edge bead:


And then some time consuming ceiling gap filling…



And after (in a slightly different place):